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Highway Improvement Plan

Each year the County Engineer updates plans for future road improvements to county roads. The 2017-2021 plan was adopted by the County Board of Commissioners on April 11, 2017.  Select roads on the interactive map for construction information.  The executive summary highlights the roads scheduled for improvements.

First Assessment District (FAD)/Unorganized Territory Road and Bridge Finances
FAD 5-Year Highway Improvement Plan - map

The First Assessment District (FAD) roadway system is a complex network encompassing nearly 60 miles of public and semi-public roadways. Crow Wing County has the authority and responsibility to maintain these public facilities. The County Board of Commissioners act as the elected policy makers in the absence of an organized form of local government. Like in other townships, FAD residents pay a separate township level property tax to fund government services within its jurisdiction. This is in addition to county level and school district level taxes. Crow Wing County does not subsidize the FAD or other townships for infrastructure needs. State Statue prohibits use of County Sales Tax revenue for township roadway construction and maintenance. Township property taxes are currently the only source of revenue to fund all activities necessary to properly maintain the FAD roadway system.

​​​In recent years, the FAD has experienced adequate levels of roadway construction. This has only been possible due to the availability of a large cash fund balance. Prior to 2021, these cash reserves are expected to be depleted and projected levels of property tax will be insufficient to sustain required levels of roadway improvements.

​ ​​All construction projects promised to the public in the current Highway Improvement Plan will be delivered. If nothing is done to generate additional financial resources, there will only be enough funding to provide basic summer maintenance activities and winter snow plowing after 2020. ​​

​There remains a long list of FAD roadways in need of major repair. Crow Wing County is seeking your input regarding strategies to help ensure sufficient funds are available for 2021 and beyond.  

​Your are personally invited to provide input at a meeting of the Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners (Acting as the Unorganized Territory Township Board) at 6:30 PM Wednesday June 21, 2017 at the Crow Wing County Land Services Building, Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 (lower level). 
​ ​
View the agenda packet prior to the meeting.  

​If you are unable to attend the meeting, please leave your comments.