Court Administration

9th Judicial District Court
The court maintains case records for civil, family, probate, traffic, criminal, juvenile, and conciliation cases. Docketed civil money judgments are maintained alphabetically by judgment debtor. Court forms are now available on the Minnesota State Court System website.

Court Fees
Notice: The following fees are effective as of December 9, 2015:
Type of Case / Court Fee
Civil Action $322
Dissolution Action $402
Family (Support, Custody, Paternity, etc.) $372
Custody/Paternity/OFP/Family Other  $322
Conciliation Court -up to $10,000 $75
Probate Action $322
Domestic Adoption Petition $397
Harassment Restraining Order $322
Tax Court - Regular Division $322
Tax Court - Small Claims Division $160
Rent Escrow $75
Motion to Modify Child Support $102
Motion in Civil/Family/Guardianship Or Responsive Motion $102
Subpoena $18
Transcript of Judgment Docket $42
Deposit of Will for Safekeeping $29
Execution/Writ $57
Annual Trust Accounts $57
Satisfaction (Full, Partial, Assignment) $7
Judgement Search (per name searched) $7
Certified Copy $16
Plain Copy $10
Jury Fee $102
Fax Filing Fee (Less than 50 Pages) $25