How to Pay Delinquent Taxes Online

To pay your taxes online, you will need the 15-digit parcel number (also known as property identification number) for each parcel you wish to pay. If you have multiple parcels, you will need to look up and pay each parcel separately, but you will be able to pay all parcels as 1 transaction in the online shopping cart.

Important Instructions

After entering credit card info, and submitting payment, you will receive a notification on the screen that payment has been submitted/confirmed and an email confirmation will be sent. At this point please do not "X" (close) out of the page/browser window. If you allow the system 1 to 2 seconds to process, you will be automatically directed back to a page that will allow you to print a receipt. At this point, you may print your receipt, and then close your page / browser window.

Taxes become delinquent if not paid by December 31 of the year they become due. If paying delinquent taxes, you will need to select the tax year for each parcel you wish to pay. If paying multiple years, you will need to select each year being paid.

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 280.39, payments for delinquent taxes may be paid in inverse order of year due (example 2011, then 2010, then 2009, etc). Payments will be accepted for any delinquent year you choose to pay, however please be aware that payments will be applied in inverse order as allowed by statute.

If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact our office at 218-824-1010.

Additional Fees

Debit and Credit card payments are assessed a convenience fee of 2.35% of your total. These additional fees are charged and collected by the payment processor for the debit/credit card company, not Crow Wing County.

Please allow 3 to 4 days processing time for online payments to credit Crow Wing County accounts.

Pay Tax Tax Payments are not being accepted online at this time.